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This particular prayer bracelet I can only sell at cost.  There is a remarkable story behind it and no reason to profit in dollars over it as the profit I receive from sharing my story is priceless!

Lords Prayer Bracelet

  • A few years ago I was feeling pretty down and usually I would pray. My go to prayer is, The Lords Prayer, The Our Father. No matter what I'm going through, when I'm feeling that way, I say that prayer and I feel God knows what I need. Well that day I was not praying I was sad, I didn't want to pray, I was scared about my fathers health and I was angry. So I moped around the shop straightening the jewelry, trying to hold back tears and as I'm straightening the bracelet rack I come across a bracelet Ive never sold at Gossip, Ive never even seen a bracelet like it and no one had been in the store but me! Of course I ran to the phone to call my mom again!! The bracelet has the Lord's Prayer iinscribed all around it and I dont know how it got in here!
    She encouraged me to do something bigger with this one so I decided to find out where I could get a lot of these bracelets and share my story and try to share the gift that I received with anyone that I felt needed it or would benefit from it. The original bracelet I gave to my dear friend and it has since been passed along to others, while sharing the story of how the bracelet was found and how effective prayer can be, especially for me, The Lords Prayer. God Bless you!